Cyprus celebrates “Green Monday”

Open-air market. Image: Cyprus Tourist Board

Today is Green Monday in Cyprus, the first day of Lent – approximately seven weeks before Easter. Traditionally, families go to fields to barbecue fasting foods such as vegetables and seafood (not meat), later flying kites and playing other games.

Eating less meat is becoming increasingly important. If everyone stopped eating meat or cut down considerably we would:

  1. Cut CO2 emissions and reduce global warming
  2. Reduce land degradation so that land is not destroyed beyond repair
  3. Reduce water pollution through run-off i.e. prevent hormones, animal waste and chemicals from tanneries, fertilizers and pesticides from entering the water system
  4. Also, if we stopped producing vast amounts of crops to feed livestock and produced the crops for human consumption, we could end world hunger

By Julie Middleton, Industry Programmes Manager


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