Taste of Fethiye food and craft fair in Kayakoy, Turkey


Last weekend, the third biannual Taste of Fethiye fair took place in Kayakoy, Turkey. The lively celebration of local food and crafts was set the valley’s old meydan, or village square, overlooked by the ruins of Levissi.


Taste of Fethiye fair organisers including Vicky Erdogan (centre) and Semsi Toprak (second from right)

“The Taste of Fethiye fair is now a date firmly established on Kayakoy’s social calendar,” said Taste of Fethiye project coordinator Semsi Toprak. “We will have another fair in September, when there will be more local food products on sale, following the various harvests. Both the May and September fairs are now popular events for tourists and the local economy.”

Hasan Sahin, head teacher at the local school, which had a stall at the market, told the Fethiye Times, “I think this is a really good event for promoting Kayakoy and it gives local people a chance to earn some money and tourists a different way to experience life in our village.”


Taste of Fethiye is a Travel Foundation project that brings together farmers, hoteliers, tour operators and visitors to offer a true taste of the region.

Vicky Erdogan, the hotels and marketing coordinator for Taste of Fethiye, added, “The Taste of Fethiye project was established in the region to encourage and promote sustainable tourism, with local farmers supplying hotels with local produce. The fair is an extension of this, giving local people a chance to sell their crafts, homemade wares, food and homegrown produce. If people in Kayakoy decide to take over the organising and running of the fair in Kayakoy, we feel that Taste of Fethiye will have succeeded in its aim.”

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