Month: October 2014

How did beach sellers benefit from our training?

Julius, with some of the Nyali beach operators

Julius, with some of the Nyali beach operators

Around 572 beach operators working along Bamburi beach have undertaken training as part of the Mombasa Beach Operators’ Livelihoods Project in Kenya.  Programme Manager Julius Owino Ndeke, who works for the Travel Foundation’s delivery partner Mombasa Coast and Tourism Association, recently spoke to some of the beach operators about what the training has meant to them.

Mary Wambui Chege, Nyali Curio seller

Mary Wambui Chege

“I am already benefiting from the project. I am able to work very well with my colleagues, speak well to customers and also to hotels. My selling skills have improved, and although we don’t have many clients at the moment, I am able to sell”.  Mary Wambui Chege, Nyali Curio seller


JOEL MBOYA KYANGANGU, Curio seller and Chairman of Nyali Curio Group

Joel Mboya Kyangangu

“Now I can handle my customers very well and can also display my products better. Now we are being recognised as part and parcel of tourism by other stakeholders like hotels. My earnings have improved because of the increased sales, and I can feed and school my children and family.” Joel Mboya Kyangangu, Curio seller and Chairman of Nyali Curio Group


Christine Amondi (left) and Waithera Kinyajui

Christine Amondi (left) and Waithera Kinyajui

“My communication with clients has improved, my sales have increased and I am able pay my son’s school fees.” Christine Amondi, Nyali Massage seller

“I have already learnt a lot that can help me not only in the massage business but also in other business. I am able to start other projects – I have opened a salon in Nairobi where my sister is working and I have also started a chicken farm for my mum.” Waithera Kinyajui, Nyali Massage seller


Harrison Munyoki

Harrison Munyoki

“The programme has changed my image and I am more appreciated by other stakeholders like big hotels which never recognized us before. This is a new dawn for the beach trade – it is like a new born baby with a bright future.” Harrison Munyoki, Nyali Curio Seller


The project is being funded through a ST-EP Destination Management Fund, a partnership between Travel Foundation and UNWTO ST-EP Foundation and being led by the Mombasa Coast and Tourism Association (MCTA).

On your marks, get set, COOK!

Taste of Fethiye cookery contest

Photo credit: Jane Atakay

The twice-yearly Taste of Fethiye craft and food fair is always popular, but this time it was spiced up with a Masterchef-style cookery contest.

The spirit of competition was running high, with contestants including housewives, students from vocational and tourism schools, and local villagers.

The competition was held in three categories which were Home Meals, Bakery and Sweets, and it was judged by Chef Mavi, of the Fethiye Professional Chefs’ Association. Rainbow kebab, sea food with artichokes, and traditional Gözleme were among the winning dishes.


Photo credit: Jane Atakay

It was a lovely and colourful day in Kaya Village, a popular location for tourists, in which Taste of Fethiye has been holding craft fairs for the last three years. As well as being an enjoyable day for all involved, the contest helped to celebrate the destination’s delicious locally-grown produce.

Find out more about Taste of Fethiye


From the four corners of the earth

Travel Foundation Staff

At the beginning of September, the Travel Foundation welcomed Overseas Coordinators from Cape Verde, Turkey, Jamaica and Mexico to our Bristol offices for the 2014 Programme Managers’ Meeting.

During the three day programme, workshops ranged from the new Travel Foundation strategy, to communicating our work from each destination. Overseas Coordinators shared their experiences measuring social impacts when faced with challenges such as low literacy rates, or cultural restrictions in asking for financial information.

Case studies on destination partnerships in Cape Verde and Cyprus stimulated discussion on what future partnerships might look like and how they might work. Training on problem solving and dealing with difficult situations helped us share learning from different projects, and each member of the programmes team, both in the UK and overseas, left with their own personal actions from the event.

Feedback from our Overseas Coordinators was incredibly positive:

“Overall it was a very meaningful, refreshing and enjoyable time being with all my colleagues!”

“I will definitely keep in touch with my overseas colleagues more and try to share best practice”.

To build on the success of the event, we’re hoping to create more opportunities for Overseas Coordinators to share experiences and ideas with each other, through online groups, webinars, and face to face meetings.

Lights… Camera… Project Discovery!

Project Discovery Volunteers

Project Discovery Volunteers

The Travel Foundation welcomed film-makers earlier this week to our headquarters in Bristol. Members of staff gave interviews for an upcoming film created by TUI UK & Ireland about Project Discovery, our volunteer programme for TUI staff.

Project Discovery is a volunteering scheme run within TUI giving staff the opportunity to work on a Travel Foundation project and experience sustainable tourism on the ground.

It is a benefit to the Travel Foundation as it provides an extra resource to use on projects and also allows us to draw on the wider skill sets that are available across TUI . Over the years the scheme has grown and places are extremely sought after and competitive.

In her interview, Jasmine Wong, Industry Programmes Officer, emphasised that the programme makes sustainability learning available to everyone, no matter what their job role.

The film will be out soon – watch this space…