Blue Wave is surging forward in Fethiye

IMG_0840Turkey’s Gulf of Fethiye and surrounding coastline is one of the most popular sailing areas along the Turkish coast. Walking along Fethiye’s harbour you have what seems as an endless choice of boats offering daily excursions to explore the 12 islands in the bay. It really is a boating paradise with crystal clear water, green pine forests that meet the sea, and quiet beaches.  If your bucket list is anything like mine, there is nowhere else to be – you can swim with turtles in crystal clear waters in the morning, and explore the ancient ruins of inland Fethiye in the afternoon.

I’m very excited to report that six months into my new role at the Travel Foundation, the momentum of Blue Wave educational activities are surging forward. A key objective of this project is to improve the understanding and awareness of threats to the marine environment from marine tourism.  Blue Wave partners meet this week to finalise the content for the Bay of Fethiye education map, and once printed it will be distributed throughout the sector. The map will provide tourists with information about the region, and tell them how they can help to protect the marine environment on their boat trip.

IMG_0876We’re also developing and finalising content for the ‘Sustainable Practices for Sailing Yachts and Motorboats’ guide. This guide will be printed and distributed to local marinas and boat owners, to help them understand how they can improve their practices.

Already though, a Blue Wave partner is sharing best practice by opening up their training sessions to smaller marina boat crew. It’s great to see the boating community in the region collaborating to help protect the marine environment, the very thing their business depends on.

Find out more about Blue Wave here >

_MG_7410Written by Jane Rowan, Destination Programme Officer, Travel Foundation.

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  1. Hi. Whilst I applaud your blue wave project I do get annoyed at all the pollution in the sea is pointed at the boat owners, When are people going to wake up to the fact that the vast majority of pollution in Fethiye bay and surrounds is caused by untreated sewage and worse being pumped into the bay every day.
    The sewage plant on the outskirts of Fethiye is only capable of treating 50% of the populations waste. the rest is macerated and pumped into the bay at various underwater points.
    With the Fethiye population of around 150 thousand people and a huge amount more during the summer season its doesn’t take rocket science to estimate the amount of waste when the average person is estimated to flush down the toilets 50 litres of sewage a day. and that does not include the serious amount of chemicals and industrial wastes poured down the drains.
    But I guess my rants will fall on deaf ears as usual and we will have to continue to live on the shores in this little corner of paradise callled Fethiye overlooking a disgustingly polluted bay.

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