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Sal Paintball makes holidays greener

Sal beach cleanOn 12th July around 40 people came together in Sal, Cape Verde, to clean about 2km of beach. Almost 500kg of rubbish was collected, mainly plastic bottles and fishing gear (fishing nets and containers) washed up on Kite beach, on the East coast of Sal.

The most unusual items they collected were a water boiler, a gas bottle, and a pepper shaker. The most common pieces of trash were plastic bottles – around 300 of them in all, which underlines how important it is for everyone to try and reduce their single-use plastic (e.g. with re-usable bottles).

Thank you so much to all the participants and organisers, and especially to Sal Paintball and Explore CV for the lunch, drinks and activities at the end of the beach cleaning, and to the CMSal (City Hall) for supplying water, bin bags and transport. Sal beach clean Photos: Duncan Gillies, Sal Paintballers.

Beach cleans are for life, not just July!

Uga Escapes in Sri Lanka and Kuoni teamed up to run a beach clean as part of Make Holidays Greener’s Big Beach Clean campaign at their Uga Jungle Beach property. Having taken part in the campaign, the general manager of Uga Jungle Beach, Mr V.A. Sivapriyan wants to continue to run regular beach cleans throughout the year to keep the beach environment as clean as possible.

Below, we hear from staff at Kuoni UK and the hotel…

Jemma Purvis, PR Kuoni UK     

slide0010_image011“When the Travel Foundation contacted Kuoni UK about their latest campaign to Make Holidays Greener, we jumped at the chance.

I had recently come back from Sri Lanka and had been staying at UGA hotels along the east coast, which are all set in stunning locations surrounded by natural beauty.  One thing I did notice however is that when you ventured further along the beach away from the hotel there was some litter scattered around, which had clearly been washed up.

The Big Beach Clean campaign seemed like an excellent solution, so I contacted our friends at Uga Escapes who were more than willing to team up and take part in this event at their hotel, Jungle Beach in Trincomalee.”

    V.A.Sivapriyan, General Manager – Uga Jungle Beach

“UGA proudly joined hands with Kuoni and the Travel Foundation to assist in preserving the beKuoni uga escapesauty of these virgin beaches.

I would say the beaches of Kuchchaveli where Jungle Beach is situated, are among the most pristine beaches in Sri Lanka, as these coastal areas are devoid of any commercial or private establishments. However due to the marine pollution, there are lots of plastic objects that are constantly washed  ashore, which tarnishes the natural beauty of the coast.

The beach clean was a great success and we are determined to continue this throughout the year to provide a pleasant holiday experience to our valuable guests.  It will also help showcase our commitment to sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka”

Thimasha Wanasinghe, Guest Relations Executive – Uga Jungle Beach

“We informed guests at Jungle Beach about the Make Holidays Greener beach clean on the 17th slide0013_image019June at Kuchchaveli beach, some of them were really excited and decided to take part.  They joined our staff at UGA and a group of travel agents who were visiting on a trip organised and lead by Kuoni UK. 

Participants started their clean-up from the entrance at two sites — north beach and south beach and worked toward the middle. They bent, squatted and kneeled on the sand to search for objects, the main culprit being plastic.  

 As our property is located amidst a shrub jungle that borders a lagoon, we are very conscious of keeping the environment clean. So this is a big, beautiful and extremely important initiative brought forward by the Travel Foundation to maintain a clean beach and a sustainable environment for our future generation of Sri Lanka.”  

Greener beaches to spread across the med…

The Chairman of The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI), Philippos Drousiotis, was invited to present at the MITOMED final conference “Challenges and perspectives for Coastal and Maritime Tourism in Europe” which took place in Florence, Italy, on Tuesday the 12th of May, 2015.    MITOMED stands for ‘Models of Integrated Tourism in the Mediterranean’, is a transnational project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

MITOMED_version 1_IY_page1_image1The CSTI is a key partner of the Travel Foundation in Cyprus. Below we hear more from Philippos…

“With partners from coastal regions across the med, it was a great opportunity to talk about the work being done in Cyprus, to share our learnings and hope that the benefits can be spread to other destinations.

Something that really seemed to strike a cord with attendees was the ‘Greening Cyprus Beaches’ project, and the MITOMED partners are interested in promoting the Greening Cyprus Beaches project by including it in the action plan of the project for sustainable management of maritime and coastal tourism.

It will be presented as a good example for the regeneration of the sun & sea product in the med area by having quality beaches. It’s great to see that the results of one of our projects can be applied to other destinations, and they can benefit too.”

Find out more about the Greener Beaches project here.

Recipe for a Thai Scoping Trip

Thailand_Andaman Discoveries

In November, two members of the Travel Foundation team headed to Thailand to conduct research into a potential new programme of activities. Below Melissa Bellamy and Suzannah Newham have provided the recipe for their scoping trip…


  • 1 destination (the stunning Andaman Coast – Phuket and Phang Nga)
  • 2 flights (on the Thomson Dreamliner)
  • 3 hotels
  • 14 thunderstorms
  • 1148km driven (1130 by car and 18 by bike, in rain and shine)
  • 1 trek in flip flops (to see the ‘Big Tree’)
  • 1 trek in smart work shoes (to see a waterfall in Khao Lak National Park)
  • 5 different types of boat (speedboats, a local commuter boat, ferry boat, long tail boats and kayaks)
  • 72 contacts (including representatives from Andaman Discoveries, Centara, Destination Services, Hotel Beds, IUCN, JW Marriott, Khiri Travel, Khao Lak National Park, Phuket Adventures, Phuket Marine Biological Research Centre, Phuket Nature Tours, Sensi-Mar, Thaimueang Community Based Tourism group, Thaimueang National Park, TUI, Wild Asia, WWF-Thailand, as well as some key individuals and a variety of local communities).

Step 1

While in Thailand, combine all ingredients at 30 degrees (the average November temperature in Phuket) and allow to sweat in 85% humidity for approximately 2 weeks. Add a pinch of humour and a good dusting of inspiration, to taste.

Thailand - Dragon BoatsStep 2

Back in the UK, blend trip findings together and allow to marinate for a further few weeks. Skim impurities to reveal a clearer, cleaner final concept.

Step 3

Turn out a focused set of objectives.

Roll these out across 4 key areas (solid waste management in hotels, beach management and turtle protection, carrying capacities for hot spots within national parks, best practice in marine excursions).

The outcome of this recipe will be available on the Travel Foundation website in early 2015.Thailand_MelissaSusie