Go Greener Hotels

Start your day the Cyprus way

Cyprus breakfast plateAnari, halloumi, pastelli or soutzoukos… if you start your day at one of the sixteen hotels in the ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ programme, you will find wonderful local foods on offer.

The hotels have trained staff to use local, authentic products in breakfasts, and they are also better able to inform guests about the gastronomic heritage of Cyprus.

The programme website is now online at www.cyprusbreakfast.eu 

Next we will be creating more information materials for hotels, working on the Cypriot character of the breakfast buffet and surveying customers to see whether their awareness of the local food heritage has increased.

Chilean eco-lodge staff complete Go Greener Hotels training

Staff at an eco-lodge hotel in Chile have benefited from our Go Greener Hotels training after a small NGO, Vidau.org, translated the course into Spanish for them.

fotos taller seminario EDL2014 CROP

Nine employees at Espejo de Luna in Chiloé Island took part in a two-day workshop, and at the end of the training a staff environmental committee was formed.

“[The training] has helped us to deliver an accurate and easy methodology to control the ecological footprint of a hotel,” said Fabiola Marin Salgado, president of Vidau.org.

fotos taller seminario 2 EDL2014

Go Greener Hotels is a free, web-based training quiz designed to help hotel staff understand why sustainability is important, and how their day-to-day activities can make a difference. The training consists of four modules:

  1. Sustainable tourism – what is it all about?
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. Think local, act local
  4. Communicating with guests

On completing the quiz trainees download a certificate, which can be used as part of a staff training and development programme.

Take the Go Greener Hotels training quiz at www.travelfoundationtraining.com.