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New certification for guides in Cape Verde

In January 2016, we supported the Ministry of Tourism on Sal to train local guides, with the aim of improving customer experience, guide knowledge, and the types of excursion on offer.

The training course was designed to address the main constraints that the Travel Foundation identified, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, including lack of diversity of products on offer and lack of knowledge about Cape Verde.

Cape Verde local guidesWe worked with key stakeholders to identify how the course content should be designed, and of course, wanted participants to feel engaged, relate to, and apply the new information they were receiving. Content covered the history of Sal, biodiversity, culture and what there is to see and do.

I’m pleased to say that as the training progressed, participants expressed how much they needed the information and were able to clearly identify the additional needs they have to keep improving their services. In the beginning, it seemed as though participants felt obliged to attend because it was being delivered by the Ministry of Tourism, so it was great to see that everyone saw the value in it.

At the end of the course 100% of guides indicated that the training exceeded or met their expectations, and they commented on how much more they learned about Sal, which they can now share with their customers.

Attendants will receive certification as official guides from the Ministry of Tourism.

We would like to express our gratitude to Ivalena Rosário, technician at the Institute of Cultural Heritage, and biologist Tommy Melo, from Biosfera, for their collaboration on the training. Both offered to keep in contact with the training participants to help with any questions they may have in future.

debora-abu-rayaWritten by Débora Abu-Raya, National Programme Manager.

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Rastafari Indigenous Village members upskill to provide unique tourist experience

18 members of Rastafari Indigenous Village (RIV) and two members of the Montego River Gardens community in Jamaica participated in a 10-day interactive training programme in Tour Guide Skills, facilitated by the Tourism Product Development Company. Members will also gain certification in the national tourism training programme Team Jamaica. The training will support the RIV community in further developing and delivering their unique and informative tour.

Below, we hear from RIV members involved in the training programme… 

RIV TG-20141212-Iyara“Good experience! It’s good to share the knowledge with others and I have increased my confidence.” ‘Iyara’ Tamara Prendergast (Craft artisan/fruit prep/Herb garden tour guide)

“The training is very important! It has helped us build our professionalism. It is very informative and has made us more knowledgeable of our country, ourselves and even our Village, because there are some things I didn’t know about the Village, such as the history of the Labyrinth garden and its value to finding yourself and your centre.”  ‘Queen B’ Izeeta Berham (Cuisine/Labyrinth garden tour guide/housekeeping)

RIV TG-20141212-HadoThe training has been very wonderful! It is good to have everyone in the Village participate. It creates a harmony. Makes it easier to ‘wake up’ (yoga term for experiencing an awakening) and you want to be present. Definitely a lot of laughter in every class and everyone is enjoying the sessions.  The Jamaican cuisine day was special..great sharing food with everyone that everyone had created.” ‘Hado’ Mark  McFarlane (yoga wellness coach/cuisine/housekeeping)

RIV members have also participated in a formal tour at the 5-star ‘Croydon in the Mountains’ attraction to experience an existing guided walking tour. This activity helped sharpen their guiding skills and provided an opportunity to critique an established tour based on the new body of knowledge acquired in their training sessions.

It is hoped that the revised RIV tours will be available to customers from early 2015. Keep an eye on the Travel Foundation website for further information.