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The real Saint Lucia

This week we launched our Saint Lucia local lowdown quiz for travel agents. I think I must be the luckiest person in the world as it was me who got to meet and talk to the local people who helped us put the content together for this training.

Talking to local people

Julie Middleton with guide Valance James

Julie Middleton with guide Valance James (aka Visions)

As I toured around the island chatting with Mr Charles the taxi driver, trying tropical juices with Chef Robby, learning about the flora and fauna of the island with Visions and admiring the fantastic wood sculptures at Eudovic Art Studio, it struck me that I could not be enjoying myself more if I were on holiday.

“The art of the people is an expression of the people – if you take something back made by their hands you will have something of your holiday forever.”    – Jallim, Eudovic Art Studio

Saint Lucia is a beautiful island with much to see and do and for it to stay that way it’s really important that holidaymakers’ discretionary spend benefits the Saint Lucian economy.

The best way to do that is to favour local attractions, restaurants and bars. But in doing so holidaymakers experience so much more from their trip; sitting at a roadside shack and eating rotis; perhaps seeing a Saint Lucian parrot with the help of a local guide or visiting one of the many community based attractions and learning about Creole heritage.

Take the Local Lowdown Quizst lucia quiz

By taking this local lowdown quiz agents can help their customers to gain so much more from their holiday when they are visit.

The beauty of this is that it helps to keep the island’s heritage alive, local people get a fair share of the tourism dollar and there is more of an incentive for the destination to protect the environment because it’s this special environment that make people want to visit. It’s a virtuous circle. It’s as simple as that.

– Julie Middleton, Industry Programmes Manager


***Win a Fam Trip***

Agents who take the training quiz before Friday 26 June will be entered into a draw to win a place on a fam trip to Saint Lucia in December. Agents who sell Saint Lucia should register for the quiz at http://travelfoundationtraining.com/saint-lucia-local-lowdown

Voice of the people 2

On your marks, get set, COOK!

Taste of Fethiye cookery contest

Photo credit: Jane Atakay

The twice-yearly Taste of Fethiye craft and food fair is always popular, but this time it was spiced up with a Masterchef-style cookery contest.

The spirit of competition was running high, with contestants including housewives, students from vocational and tourism schools, and local villagers.

The competition was held in three categories which were Home Meals, Bakery and Sweets, and it was judged by Chef Mavi, of the Fethiye Professional Chefs’ Association. Rainbow kebab, sea food with artichokes, and traditional Gözleme were among the winning dishes.


Photo credit: Jane Atakay

It was a lovely and colourful day in Kaya Village, a popular location for tourists, in which Taste of Fethiye has been holding craft fairs for the last three years. As well as being an enjoyable day for all involved, the contest helped to celebrate the destination’s delicious locally-grown produce.

Find out more about Taste of Fethiye


Start your day the Cyprus way

Cyprus breakfast plateAnari, halloumi, pastelli or soutzoukos… if you start your day at one of the sixteen hotels in the ‘Cyprus Breakfast’ programme, you will find wonderful local foods on offer.

The hotels have trained staff to use local, authentic products in breakfasts, and they are also better able to inform guests about the gastronomic heritage of Cyprus.

The programme website is now online at www.cyprusbreakfast.eu 

Next we will be creating more information materials for hotels, working on the Cypriot character of the breakfast buffet and surveying customers to see whether their awareness of the local food heritage has increased.