Virgin Holidays

Harnessing local community potential for a walk on the wild side

The Dennery Mobouya Valley (DMV) Development Foundation are the winners of our “Dragon’s Den” competition for excursion providers in Saint Lucia, supported by the Saint Lucia tourist board and Virgin Holidays.

Paul Flavien – Guide, and Diana Saint Helen – Project Supervisor

Paul Flavien – Guide, and Diana Saint Helen – Project Supervisor

This a community-based project that aims to generate an alternative source of income to supplement the area’s declining banana trade. It offers walking tours that take you off the beaten track to experience Saint Lucia’s unspoilt natural beauty, local culture and traditional cuisine.

As a result of using our micro excursions manual Are you ready for business? they have:

  • re-designed a number of tours to take into account tour operator requirements
  • organised a community sensitisation programme to discourage hassle
  • improved safety at tour location Maroon Waterfall by adding more steps and railings
  • conducted health and safety seminars for caterers
  • changed pricing structures identifying rack and net rates and reduced prices in low season
  • updated their database with contact details for relevant tour operators they wanted to target

Congratulations DMV – a worthy winner. They’ve won a trip to London and a chance to promote their product to UK tour operators at the St Lucia Showcase on 11-12 September.